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VA Notary Training

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                                                      Become a Virginia Notary Public (direct link to the Virginia Notary Division)
VA Notary classes
Virginia Notary Education is your Key to Success!

How to Become A Virginia Notary Public
(direct link to Virginia Notary Division)
  • Understand your responsibilities and liabilites as a Traditional Virginia Notary Public
  • Build confidence and fine tune your Notary skills.
  • Protect yourself from being sued. Yes! Notaries can be sued.
  • Stay updated on current Virginia Notary Law.
    All Virginia Notary Public Classes are Virginia state-specific.

LIVE, Interactive Instructor-led Notary Virtual Classes 

for Traditional Virginia Notaries

Available statewide from any device at any location.

Self-paced notary basics

Essentials class- On Demand & Self-paced Notary Basics online class

24/7 access with 15 days to complete & review

Notary Basics for Traditional Virginia Notaries - On Demand & Self-paced

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