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Acorn Sales Company


Acorn Sales Company and Mid-Atlantic Mobile Notary Services, Inc., partnered in 2007 to offer quality notary supplies and a variety of notary classes.  All trainees receive a 20% discount coupon during class. Notary supplies can be ordered online at or at Acorn's location, 1506 Tomlynn Street, Richmond, VA   23230.

  • Notary Public Supplies
  • Specialty Embossers
  • Professional Engineer & Architect Seals
  • Monogram Stampers
  • Art Stamps and more!

Quick-Start COMBO Notary Class/Notary Supply Special

Only $99.00, this package includes:

  •  Notary Law & Procedures (Traditional)
    classroom instruction in Richmond or Fredericksburg
  • State Seal Self Inking Stamp (Official Notary Seal)
  • Official Notarial Record Book

Shipping/handling is $6.95. If you live in the Richmond area, you can pick up your COMBO package at Acorn's location and avoid the shipping/handling fee. NO discounts apply to this Quick-Start COMBO Notary Class/Notary Supply Special.  Be sure to indicate date/time/location of class.  To order:  click HERE

Links to Acorn's Notary Supplies which are discussed in class:

State Seal Self Inking Stamp (Official Seal)

Combination Seal Self Inking Stamp (Official Seal)

Round Self Inking Stamp (Official Seal)

State Seal Pre-inked Slim Stamp (Official Seal)

State Seal Pre-inked SUPER SLIM Stamp (Official Seal)

Round Pre-inked Slim Stamp (Official Seal)

Basic Notary Pocket Seal Package (EMBOSSER)

Notary Seal Impression Inker (Remember your embossed seal MUST be darkened in order to be state compliant)

Official Notary Public Record Book (Journal)

Acknowledgment Stamp (Self-Inking)

Acknowledgment Stamp (Pre-Inked/Slim Stamp)

Jurat Stamp (Self-Inking)

Jurat Stamp (Pre-Inked/Slim Stamp)

Copy Certification Stamp (Self-Inking)

Copy Certification Stamp (Pre-Inked/Slim Stamp)

I was commissioned as (Change of Name Stamp)

Notary Sign (Standard)

Notary Sign (Personalized) Black with Silver Frame

Notary Sign (Personalized Brass/Tri-Block Holder)

Gold Foil Seals

What's in your Notary Instructor's Bag?

What is in your Notary Instructor's Bag?

  • Pens (blue/black ink)
  • Extra reading glasses
    (for you or your client)
  • hand sanitizer
  • acknowledgment stamp
  • two self-inking official notary stamps
    I like alternating my stamps.
    1. State seal with black ink
    2. Combo Seal with blue ink
  • Pocket Embosser with red handle
    I use two seals whenever possible. One self-inking notary stamp which is photographically reproducible and is state compliant.  I also use an embossed seal which makes a raised impression.  I do not darken this seal because I am already state compliant by using a stamp.  I use the undarkened raised impression as a deterrent to fraud.  At the same time, I offer the traditional raised seal as a courtesy to my clients.
  • Notary Journal/Record Book 
  • Gold foil seals
  • Receipt book
  • Folder with important Virginia notary certificates that I may need at a mobile assignment.
  • Notary Public sign and business cards

 Bryce Hall, Notary Instructor, is not an attorney and does not give legal advice.